Mike Etheridge makes an amazing flashlight.

A flashlight that stands above the competition needed brand development, package design savvy, and marketing.

Living the Problem

A U.S. Marine Corps Veteran, Mike spent thirteen years as a SWAT team operator and team commander. Many times while executing high risk search warrants, he found his operators flashlights failed at critical points of the operation or were severely under powered – putting his teammates and innocent civilians at risk.

From this experience, he transformed an idea into a well-made, rugged, bright flashlight that stays charged for two years.

Badger Industries


Mike Etheridge


Market Challenges

The Badger logo was inflexible and visually over-complicated, making it tough to build any materials off of it.

A website that did not properly showcase the flashlight, and was not designed to grow.

The packaging did not speak with a single, strong brand ‘voice’, and was disconnected from the other brand materials.

Immediate Needs

Logo Design

Brand Messaging

Web Design

Product Packaging

Social Media Marketing

Marketing Strategy

Our Approach

Mike’s focus and energy on creating the perfect flashlight left little room for marketing and brand strategy, and so he joined forces with InVetIt to take the Badger brand and elevate it to match the top-shelf quality of the flashlight. We reviewed Mike’s existing materials, and the foundation from which to structure the new brand was discovered: One. Mean. Light.

Fire Red


Night Sky






A Plan for Success


Design a logo that is versatile and evokes confidence in the consumer.


Create a design system that’s suitable across physical and digital assets.


Build a website that can handle growth and an expanded product line.

Marketing Strategy

Finding Badger’s voice

  • There is a strong fan base for high-end flashlights; win over a few and they will evangelize Badger.
  • The messaging is focused on our confidence behind the product, so social media outreach can be testimonials and reaction videos that support bold statements.

Be seen, not discovered

  • Don’t hide in search results; get in front of the customer where opinions bolster good products.
  • We developed a retail marketing kit to support in-person demonstrations of just how bright this flashlight is.
“The team at InVetIt has taken my company to the next level. I’ve been thoroughly impressed with their market insight and quick grasp of our corporate goals.”

Mike Etheridge, Founder and CEO of Badger Industries

Badger’s Future is Bright

With a transformation that includes a new brand, new website, all new packaging materials for both online and retail product sales, consistent messaging and a well-rounded marketing plan, Badger Industries has just re-launched their website and is now taking orders for their launch product, the BX-1500 tactical flashlight.

We will be keeping this case study active as we track marketing and sales during the initial release of the product.

Visit Badger Industries

Rebranded new corporate structure

Consumer brand – Badger Flashlights

B2B brand – Badger Lights


Sales increase in the first two months of InVetIt partnership


Monthly sales increase from the previous 18 months avg sales volume


Increase in website traffic (impressions and visits) from previous 18 month average


Above industry average click rates


Increase in Facebook referral traffic, month over month


Increase in Instagram referral traffic, month over month


Increase in online conversion rate, month over month


Increase in total site traffic, month over month


Increase in average session duration, month over month

Facilitated Positive PR through original content articles – Badger featured in two articles.

Faster alone, further together

Our clients have raised venture capital and have been acquired by companies like Tesla, Microsoft and MacKenzie Childs.

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