Bringing the farmer’s market to you.

With a pandemic that gave people pause about going out, Ben Gerardi felt there was more that could be done
to bring fresh food to your door.

It should always be local

Dreamt up by a concerned father, looking to provide for his family and support farms in the process, Farm Swarming has turned the key to sustainable agriculture on-demand, and fostered a thriving local economy that is resilient. Farm Swarming maintains a robust network of local farmers and shopkeepers, enabling families and their communities to flourish, stay united, and remain strong.

Farm Swarming


Ben Gerardi

Market Challenges

A website that was hard to use and navigate made discoverability of new products and vendors challenging, even for returning customers.

Communication with local farmers was inconsistent, resulting in inefficienties in the supply chain that ate up profits.

The website platform could not support the operational and supply chain needs to scale and keep costs low.

Immediate Needs

Business Operations

Logo Design

Marketing Strategy

Supply Chain

Social Media Marketing

Web Design

Our Approach

Farm Swarming had an immediate surge in sales on launch, but supply chain issues put a strain on operations and limited its ability to scale. InVetIt worked with Ben to redesign the website and brand, improve discoverability of products and vendors for new and returning customers, a marketing strategy to keep sales volumes growing, and get deeply involved in working to solve the operational challenges that Farm Swarming faced.



Light Gray


Fire Red




A Plan for Success


Design a new logo that has more versatility, as well as a white label brand to help market products with limited vendor branding.


Develop a supply chain application for the website that streamlines operations and maximizes profits.


Create a dynamic website that keeps products on rotation and improves discoverability.

Marketing Strategy

Extending our reach

  • Develop a multi-faceted marketing campaign to generate buzz through the existing customer base and encourage community sharing and sign ups.
  • Create a plan to attract popular vendors and expand Farm Swarmings product offering.


  • Weekly cycles of promotions, reminders and awareness campaigns will help keep FS top of mind and generate consumer habits
  • This structure will lend itself to building out a subscription service, and there will be a transition strategy to move returning customers to this new service.

A Speedy Turnaround

As an active website with a vibrant community, we took a staggered approach to making improvements to both the front and back ends of the website, starting with usability improvements, leading into a new design release, then followed with the new application structure that tied orders into the supply chain management cycle. Returning customer rates are steadily increasing and consistently passing 70% week to week.

Visit Farm Swarming

New branding, packaging, and website

Operations and logistics efficiencies designed and implemented

Supply-chain management economies

From 34% reorder rate prior to InVetIt, to 78% after implementation of operational improvements – increased to 88% after 2 months


Month over month net profit improvement


Increase in total order average


Increase in average order size

Streamlined product and vendor management process leading to supply chain efficiency represented by a 58% reduction in COGS as compared to equivalent sales


Reduction in rolling accounts payable


Increase in organic post reach, month over month


Increase in video views, month over month


Increase in online conversion rate, month over month


Increase in sales from social media, month over month

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