Honoring those who have fallen.

Military spouse Eve Baum wants to keep loved ones close by creating custom apparel from uniforms.

Close to Home

A spouse of a veteran, Eve combines her love of designing and creating with her dream of helping others. She runs Military Apparel Company, creating custom, meaningful bags and accessories crafted from personal military uniforms while giving back to the Military and their families.

Military Apparel Company


Eve Neria Baum


Market Challenges

The existing website was hard to use and not mobile friendly, which hampered sales and discoverability of new products on the site.

The brand did not properly reflect the quality of Eve’s product, and needed to better represent its product offering.

Eve’s mission is strong, but this wasn’t being communicated as a marketing narrative to drive brand awareness and sales.

Immediate Needs

Logo Design

Marketing Strategy


Web Design

Social Media Marketing

Brand Messaging

Our Approach

With a targeted fanbase and a moving story and mission, InVetIt worked with Eve to not only develop a new brand and website for Military Apparel Company but to also look to the future and how we could grow beyond the military market segment. With this initiative, we developed a secondary brand, Uniform Code, with a focus on American families.

This plan freed Eve to keep Military Apparel Company’s mission faithful to its audience and paved a path forward for growth.





Fire Red




A Plan for Success


Rebrand M.A.C. to establish it’s authority and direction for it’s business model.


Create a marketing strategy that reinforces the brand narrative and sets up multiple touch points for M.A.C.s customer base.


Create a brand and messaging for Uniform Code, with a strategy to split off and grow with a strategic marketing effort.

Marketing Strategy

Capture their hearts

  • Tighten the messaging for Military Apparel Company to remind the existing customers and inform new ones about the mission that drives the company.
  • Set a plan for Uniform Code to expand the demographic reach as a lifestyle brand.

Be seen, not discovered

  • Don’t hide in search results; get in front of the customer where opinions bolster good products.
“After 15 years of doing it “faster alone,” I am proud to say that we are now doing it “further together.” Having a team of caring and diversified experts that cheer me on the road to entrepreneurship is priceless. InVetIt created million-dollar looks for both of my projects. InVetIt is the missing piece to my puzzle, indispensable, so I can focus on what I do best.”

Eve Baum, Founder of Military Apparel Company and Uniform Code

Dramatic Results

The rebranding and revamped, mobile-friendly website for Military Apparel Company, paired with a strategy to generate brand awareness and target veterans and active duty military, went live in April. With a pivot from the lifestyle brand introduction of Uniform Code to producing masks, the website saw a huge jump in sales as soon as the site was relaunched, from which 88% of customers came from mobile.

Visit Military Apparel Company

Two branding efforts

Created new brand Uniform-Code lifestyle brand

New design + mobile enabled e-commerce website

In first 3 months after InVetIt partnership:


Emails to opt-in email list, a 300% increase


New customers, $155k in additional sales revenue.


Increase in quarterly sales over avg quarterly sales from previous 2 years


Increase in post engagements, month over month


Increase in organic reach, month over month


Increase in total page views, month over month

Faster alone, further together

Our clients have raised venture capital and have been acquired by companies like Tesla, Microsoft and MacKenzie Childs.

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