Designer coffee, designed by you.

To enable their customers to craft their own custom blends, Persona partnered with InVetIt to design a brand and a custom coffee management system.

Close to Home

As CEO and founder of Office Libations, Claude Burns took his experience in building a successful food service company and background in the military, and apply it to a novel custom coffee concept; letting the coffee aficionados that buy and consume coffee be the ones to design the blends they sell. This became Persona Coffee.

Persona Coffee


Claude Burns

Market Challenges

A saturated market and established consumer habits means any meaningful entry into the market has to lean on new concepts.

Visibility is tough in such a crowded market, so brand, messaging, and packaging has to be differentiated.

How do you comfortably scale custom blend coffee orders? Existing systems are inadequate to serve this need.

Immediate Needs

Logo Design

Application Development


Web Design

Product Packaging

User Experience

Our Approach

Persona’s founder Claude Burns had a good launch strategy but lacked the resources to organize and execute the design, marketing and development overhead required. With such a strong concept, Tango was able to quickly put shovels in the ground and design and build a custom ordering system that smoothed out coffee ordering and production, and kept investment costs low.



Quiet Sand


Barry Morgan


Tempered Red


A Plan for Success


Balancing a unique artisnal feel with broad appeal, we sought to create a brand that also felt appropriate for the service category it was competing in.


Positioning the brand within a crowded marketplace meant envisioning some influencer sales pieces, including a tasting kit to expose the unique customization qualities of Persona.


In order to facilitate custom blend combinations into an efficient management system, we developed a custom application to ingest orders, trigger blend fufillment and generate labels per the customers designs.

User Experience Strategy

Letting personality shine

  • The user experience had to have broad appeal and feel ‘designed’, yet also set the stage for customers to feel like they could make their own creations.
  • As humans we like to see what we are going to get, so it was a priority for customers to see in realtime the coffee blends and labels they were creating.

Treat pros and newcomers alike

  • Don’t weigh down coffee aficionados with hand-holding they don’t need, and don’t overwhelm new drinkers to information they won’t care about.
  • Reward those that create amazing blends by featuring and selling their creations; something that will put smiles on new and longtime coffee drinkers alike.
“We wanted to create a custom high-end coffee brand that allowed coffee lovers to create their own blends. Strong branding, an easy-to-use website, and great packaging were all equally important. But many firms can do that. InVetit stands apart in that they also created a scalable backend fulfillment process. It ties everything together allowing us to easily create customized bags of coffee for every single customer. They solved the most challenging part of the business.”

Mike Etheridge, Founder and CEO of Badger Industries


Newly launched and receiving overwhelming positive customer response, Persona Coffee is taking the branding, ecommerce website, marketing assets and the development of the management system InVetIt created into a launch marketing strategy targeting influencers.

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Customization for everyone

Created a brand to enrich custom coffee creation

Developed an app to manage full customization

Created a new logo and brand guide.

Designed packaging for the coffee beans for house blends and custom blends.

Developed a system for custom blend orders and automatically generating custom labels.

Created a tasting kit and related materials to kickoff an influencer marketing strategy.

Designed and built an ecommerce website, with tight integration to the custom blend system.

Faster alone, further together

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